FAQs - Collections

What is a collection?

A collection is a group of products that are associated with a particular style (e.g. Spring/Summer Collection; Fall/Winter Collection).

What is BIG BOLD?

These models were inspired by modern street wear and make an obvious statement with their 47mm diameter case. Distinctive hands show the way forward.

What is Bijoux?

Bijoux is the name of the Swatch jewellery collection.

What is Originals?

The original family of Swatch watches which began with the Swatch Gent. These watches are characterized by their plastic housing, strap etc. Discover few examples of Originals.

What is .beat?

The digital family from Swatch; includes Internet Time. Discover an example of .beat.

What is Skin?

Skin is the thinnest collection of Swatch watches ever made with, 3.9mm thickness, also includes: Skin Chrono and Skin .beat. Discover an example of Skin.

What is Irony?

Stainless steel and aluminum wrist watches that come in a variety of timeless designs. Discover few examples of Irony.

What is Digital?

The Digital collection is a collection of multi-function digital watches including the Touch and Beat watches. Discover few examples of Digital.

What is Gent?

The original plastic Swatch watch design (family - Originals). Recognized by its characteristically shaped case and amazing, fresh designs. Discover an example of Gent.

What is New Gent?

New Gents are the larger version of our Original Gent watches. The case size for New Gent is 41mm, while the case size for the Original Gent is 34mm. Discover an example of New Gent.

What is Lady?

Swatch watches specifically designed for women (family - Originals + Irony). Its case is similar to the Gent but decidedly smaller and daintier. The case size for the Lady is 25mm, while the case size for the Gent is 34mm. Discover an example of Lady.

What is Diaphane?

The Diaphane Collection comprises classic and sporty watches by Swatch. These watches are characterized by the combination of aluminum and frosted plastic making up its case. Discover an example of Diaphane.

What is Fun Boarder?

Built for trend-conscious fans and participants in high-altitude sports, the Swatch Fun Boarder combines an altimeter, snowpass and fashion accessory in a single timepiece. Discover an example of Fun Boarder.

What is Jelly in Jelly?

Jelly in Jelly moves a smaller Swatch Gent watch into a larger dimension, thus taking account of the trend towards larger watches. The models are technically more ingenious and more flexible in their design of new shapes, enabling the latest trends to be rapidly reflected. Discover an example of Jelly in Jelly.

What is Nabab?

The heavyweight in the Irony Collection, dense, husky and sturdy. Discover an example of Nabab.

What is Pop?

The splashy, very stylish Swatch that´s a bit oversized in terms of dimension and design; (family - Originals). Discover an example of Pop.

What is Square?

The ultimate provocative shape to the traditional Swatch; includes: Square, Square Chrono; (family - Originals). Discover an example of Square.

What is Touch?

The addition to the Swatch Originals Family that combines whimsical design with innovative technology. Just a tap on the watch activates a special function. Discover an example of Touch.

What is Turnover?

The Swatch watch with a reversible watch face. Discover an example of Turnover.

What is X-Large?

The original shape of the Swatch Original Gent, only 30% larger! Discover an example of X-Large.

What is Chrono?

The Swatch Chronograph measures hours and minutes exact to the second and also has a special tachometric scale that measures a unit—a lap time for example-—and then converts it into units per hour. Discover an example of Chrono.

What is Loomi?

A light pressure and the face changes colours: the watch of day becomes a night watch and allows to read the hour in the black. Discover an example of Loomi.

What is Chrono Plastic?

The Swatch Chrono Plastic Collection presents new models that combine durable, sports-ready materials with precise quartz chrono movements and the signature bright and trendy designs that invariably set Swatch apart. The new collections trademark features include silicon straps, ruggedized plastic cases, a stylish rotating bezel, large and easy-to-use pushers and crown and sporty rough and ready straps. Discover an example of Chrono Plastic.

What is Scuba?

Water resistance to 200meters. Tritium coated hands for easy readability, so even when you are way down under in the ocean you won’t get into deep water. And a rotating bezel to help you keep track of the time you have been below the surface. Discover an example of Scuba.

What is Fun Scuba?

A Fun Scuba can withstand depths of up to 200 meters, but manages fine elsewhere too. This doesn´t mean that a Fun Scuba is a replacement for a sports diver´s diving computer, but it´s certainly an impressive substitute for the diving sticker on the back window of their automobile. Discover an example of Fun Scuba.

What is Maxi?

It is a Swatch Gent in a very big size.

What is Aquachrono?

An Aquachrono is a chronograph that comes from the deep, in other words it is a diver’s watch-cum-stopwatch. Discover an example of Aquachrono.

What is Retrograde?

A watch with a retrograde display does not display the time in a circular fashion, as we are used to seeing. Instead of the hands going around in a full circle, they travel along an arc, and when they get to the end, they jump back to the beginning, and so on. Discover an example of Retrograde.

What is Musical?

Proud owners of a Swatch Musical are able to listen to the jingle every time their alarm goes off or whenever the mood takes them. And to turn it off, all that is required is a simple push of the button. The crown, incidentally, controls all functions and is ingeniously simply to operate - just like the Stop watch. Discover an example of Musical.

What is Puzzle Motion?

An intriguing Swatch Jelly In Jelly equipped with constantly changing dials joined the Original line in 2007. Swatch Puzzle Motion has a wonderful, multicolored dial, like a kaleidoscope constantly changing with the passing of time. Discover an example of Puzzle Motion.

What is Stop?

The Swatch Stop watch can be converted from an ordinary watch into a stopwatch at the push of a button. That is one of the reasons why it only measures time to an accuracy of one second. The stop-watch is a watch and a stopwatch in one, designed for individuals who are conscious of time but are not prepared to sacrifice fun and fantasy for a concept of time. Discover an example of Stop.

What is Solar?

The Swatch Solar absorbs enough light to function even when it is partially covered. It works in all light sources, not just under that all too rare April sun. What lets it do this? The solar modules integrated into the dial, which are placed at right angles to the strap. And if the capacitor runs low, the second hand will jump forward at four second intervals, letting you know that it is time to tank up again. Discover an example of Solar.

What is The Chrono?

Irony The Chrono offers pretty well everything a real man might desire. A case in glossy or matt brushed steel that will easily withstand a precipitous drop from a 10-story building. A large format dial, easy to read while driving your Formula One through the countryside. Superlite luminious dots on the hands let you count down the time until you duel at dawn. A tachometer for totally superfluous information (you know it all without looking). Stop functions to time the roast beef in the oven. A date display (irrelevant, time is so... unimportant), and last but not least, a strong leather strap or solid metal bracelet with a folding clasp that will not come undone, no matter how hard you try. Discover an example of The Chrono.

What is a Lustrous Bliss?

Lustrous Bliss is a sequel with its own claim to fame as the world’s most stunning SKIN. Set with real diamonds, it pays homage to Hollywood Dream, the enormously popular "diamond" studded Swatch released to great acclaim in 1990. The graphite grey dial of the new Swatch Skin is set with a total of 174 diamonds arranged in concentric circles, giving Lustrous Bliss an undeniably upscale touch of elegance and style. Discover an example of Lustrous Bliss.

What is Diaphane One?

The Swatch Diaphane One combines the plastic of the Swatch Originals and the aluminium of a Swatch Irony. The transparent case is an indication of the technical beauty surrounding Diaphane One. A front face depicts the fascination of the oscillating escapement and balance wheel while the flipside reveals a seductive allure. Discover an example of Diaphane One.

What is Spidome?

Direct from the world’s most exciting capitals of fashion, Paris and Milan, comes this cutting-edge selection of luxurious and surprisingly affordable Swatch watches and bijoux: Swatch designers blend haute couture with contemporary art and the latest inventions from the streets of the world’s most exciting capitals of fashion. Discover an example of Spidome.

What is Square Lady?

An innovative and delightful Swatch, the line Irony Square Lady is characterized by its robust square steel case and its glasses (crystals) in original designs that can vary between a square or rectangular opening, which allows one to see the face from different angles. Discover an example of Square Lady.

What is Platine Tresor Magique?

With its solid case and the crown in platinum 950, Tresor Magique is an exclusive watch. Provided with an automatic movement as the same that Swatch Automatic has and with a leather strap, it is available in limited edition and numbered by 12999 pieces. Discover an example of Platine Tresor Magique.

What is Skin Irony?

So flat, so elegant. The stainless steel watches with their 38mm diameter case know how to display their best side on every occasion - whether classic, casual or sporty. 

What is Skin Irony 42?

So flat and so elegant: the stainless steel watches are now available with a 42mm diameter case. The new classic always shows its best side - whether classic, casual or sporty.  

What is Skin Big?

The eloquent collection with a diameter of 40mm.

What is Skin Regular?

The flat and elegant stainless steel 36.80mm diameter watches

What is New POP?

The new models from the lively, stylish watches straight from our Originals collection. 

What is SISTEM51 Irony?

SISTEM51 combines the first fully automatically manufactured mechanical movement with innovative designs and exposed movements exhibiting a sure-fire wow-factor in a 42mm diameter case.

What is Swatch The Eyes?

As light-hearted, colourful and stylish as a Swatch on your wrist: the new Swatch sunglasses collection.

What is Swatch X You?

PICK A DESIGN, MAKE YOUR SWATCH! A design-it-yourself Swatch? Swatch X You make it possible! Inspired by Swatch’s collections and collaborations with Swatch enthusiasts in the worlds of art and sport.  

What is SwatchPAY!?

SwatchPAY! - The coolest way to pay! The payment card on your wrist is extra-fast, water-proof and can even be used without a battery - paying was never so easy!


The first Swatch with an anti-magnetic Nivachron™ hair spring in a strictly limited edition - three models and only 500 watches in each. The revolutionary movement nestles under a non-reflective sapphire crystal glass in a 45mm PVD coated or alternatively a plain stainless steel case.

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