Disney’s icon, Mickey Mouse, goes pop!

The Mickey Mouse X Keith Haring collection was inspired by the artist’s long-time passion for Disney’s Mickey Mouse. Ever since the first collaboration, back in 1986, Swatch and Keith Haring have been an iconic duo. Today, in 2021, this is no exception.


“...My father made cartoons. Since I was little, I had been doing cartoons, creating characters and stories. In my mind, though, there was a separation between cartooning and being an ‘artist’...”

Born in 1958 in Pennsylvania, Keith Haring grew side-by-side with art and explored his passion for drawing from an early age. Moving to New York City in 1978 opened a door to a major art scene, triggered his creativity, and inspired his, soon to be, iconic trace. From subway drawings with white chalk to public murals, nightclubs, galleries, and museums worldwide, it took only a second, and Haring’s art was not only public but also publicly creating awareness around children's literacy projects and AIDS support initiatives.

“Art is life and life is art”
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