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Fresh in fashion: white watches

Our selection of white watches covers the whole spectrum – from pristine all-white timepieces to quirky pop art-infused styles with a fun, fresh feel.

Dial up the intrigue

A white watch is the perfect canvas for an exciting dial design. Some of our most striking styles include timepieces that take this inspiration and run with it. Think transparent watch dials that spotlight colorful watch mechanisms or watch dials with unique and colorful details that offer a cool and quirky twist.

Designs that make an impression

Color contrast is another cool way to take advantage of what a white watch has to offer. This selection includes the more classic color combinations like black and white, but also features white watches splashed with zesty pops of color and zany designs, not to mention glitter details. Select any watch from this wide range to instantly elevate your outfit the second you put it on.

White watches for women and men

If you’re looking for a white wristwatch for men, consider a supersized all-white BIG BOLD watch to add maximum impact to the overall effect. Of course, irrespective of whether you are looking for a watch for men or women you can never go wrong with a white wristwatch that gives you the ability to make contactless payments. Simply search for our SwatchPAY! models.  

Always perfect

Ultimately, white goes with everything – so you’re bound to find the right white timepiece to suit your look.