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How can I find the right battery for my Swatch?

The battery number can be found on the battery itself.  In the event that you no longer have your battery, you may refer to the back of your watch case.  For more information, please see our battery list.

How do I change my battery?

To change the battery of your Swatch, you can take your watch to any Swatch corporate retail store and a store representative will assist you. The list of stores is available under here

What do I do if my metal strap/bracelet needs adjusting?

You have three options: You can take your watch back to your local retail jeweler, but you may be charged. You can take the watch to a Swatch Store. Find the list here. Alternatively, you can return the watch to your nearest Swatch official Service Centre. You can find a list of all Swatch Service Centres here. Please remember to enclose a cover letter stating exactly what should be done. You should also include your contact details including your telephone number and e-mail address, as appropriate.

Where can I purchase a replacement strap / battery / battery cover?

Replacement straps, buckles, batteries and battery covers are available at your Swatch store. The list of stores is available under here. If you are not within driving distance to a store, every store can answer your questions by phone. Another possibility is to directly contact your nearest Service Centre.

I have a Swatch that is not working. What can I do?

You can take your watch to a Swatch Store or send it directly to a Service Center with either a copy of your receipt or a stamped guarantee. You can find a list of all Swatch Service Centers on the link Service Centre that you find on the left menu bar of this page. Please remember to enclose a cover letter stating exactly what has to be done. You should also include your contact details.

Where is there a Swatch store?

To find a Swatch corporate retail store, please visit our store locator.

Where can I find more about the chronograph features?

Please see our manual for step-by-step directions on the chronograph features.

How to change the time, date and day?

Please see our manual for step-by-step directions on how to change the time, day, and date.

How do I determinate my wrist size?

To determine your wrist size, please see our PDF.

About Swatch Club

 Swatch Club is all about fun, joie de vivre, positive provocation — and of course, people. People who love to have fun, live life to the fullest and can’t wait to share their passion for Swatch. Our community gets together all over the world for exclusive events in exciting locations, and to meet artists, star athletes and celebrities. Join the Club now! www.swatch.com/register

How can I become a Swatch Club Member?

Swatch Club has different membership statuses: Starter membership: Registration as a Starter member is free and is the first step into the incredible world of Swatch Club! Invite your friends to discover the Club with you. All it takes to start enjoying various online benefits is to create an online account on www.swatch.com/register. Premium membership: If the Starter membership is not enough, upgrade to Premium is really easy. A Starter member can purchase the current Club watch and register his 12-digit code online. The Premium membership will be valid for one year and will grant you access to exclusive Swatch Club benefits on and offline. Discover them all in the upcoming pages or online at www.swatch.com/clubbenefits . Gold membership: You can only become a Gold member by winning our yearly Gold Member Contest: the contest is open to all members and takes place once a year. The theme of this contest changes every year but the spirit stays the same: Show your Swatch passion! If you are one of the lucky winners of the contest, you will gain Gold member status and will be able to access all exclusive benefits on- and offline.

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