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FAQs - Collections


What is a collection?

A collection is a group of products that are associated with a particular style (e.g. Spring/Summer Collection; Fall/Winter Collection).

What is BIG BOLD?

These models were inspired by modern street wear and make an obvious statement with their 47mm diameter case. Distinctive hands show the way forward.

What is Bijoux?

Bijoux is the name of the Swatch jewellery collection.

What is Originals?

The original family of Swatch watches which began with the Swatch Gent. These watches are characterized by their plastic housing, strap etc.

What is Skin?

Skin is the thinnest collection of Swatch watches ever made with, 4.3mm thickness, also includes: Skin Chrono and Skin .beat.

What is Irony?

Stainless steel and aluminum wrist watches that come in a variety of timeless designs.

What is Digital?

The Digital collection is a collection of multi-function digital watches including the Touch and Beat watches.

What is Gent?

The original plastic Swatch watch design (family - Originals). Recognized by its characteristically shaped case and amazing, fresh designs.

What is New Gent?

New Gents are the larger version of our Original Gent watches. The case size for New Gent is 41mm, while the case size for the Original Gent is 34mm.

What is Lady?

Swatch watches specifically designed for women (family - Originals + Irony). Its case is similar to the Gent but decidedly smaller and daintier. The case size for the Lady is 25mm, while the case size for the Gent is 34mm.

What is Touch?

The addition to the Swatch Originals Family that combines whimsical design with innovative technology. Just a tap on the watch activates a special function.

What is Chrono Plastic?

The Swatch Chrono Plastic Collection presents new models that combine durable, sports-ready materials with precise quartz chrono movements and the signature bright and trendy designs that invariably set Swatch apart. The new collections trademark features include silicon straps, ruggedized plastic cases, a stylish rotating bezel, large and easy-to-use pushers and crown and sporty rough and ready straps.

What is Maxi?

It is a Swatch Gent in a very big size.

What is Skin Irony?

So flat, so elegant. The stainless steel watches with their 38mm diameter case know how to display their best side on every occasion - whether classic, casual or sporty. 

What is Skin Irony 42?

So flat and so elegant: the stainless steel watches are now available with a 42mm diameter case. The new classic always shows its best side - whether classic, casual or sporty.  

What is SISTEM51 Irony?

SISTEM51 combines the first fully automatically manufactured mechanical movement with innovative designs and exposed movements exhibiting a sure-fire wow-factor in a 42mm diameter case.

What is Swatch The Eyes?

As light-hearted, colourful and stylish as a Swatch on your wrist: the new Swatch sunglasses collection.

What is Swatch X You?

PICK A DESIGN, MAKE YOUR SWATCH! A design-it-yourself Swatch? Swatch X You make it possible! Inspired by Swatch’s collections and collaborations with Swatch enthusiasts in the worlds of art and sport.  

What is SwatchPAY!?

SwatchPAY! - The coolest way to pay! The payment card on your wrist is extra-fast, water-proof and can even be used without a battery - paying was never so easy!

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