• Great Camping Press Kit

    Nights under the stars and days in the forest are just two of the inspirations for the Flik Flak Great Camping collection. These Swiss made watches for kids are ready for action round the clock. Lanterns and compasses guide the way, while owls and dinos are potential guests at the barbecue, which is fuelled by flower power of course. Quality components join forces with shock- and water resistance to bring precision timing to a world of color and fun.     

  • Birthday Party Press Kit

    As the world’s favourite children’s watch turns 30, the invitation to party goes out to millions of kids and grown-ups, everywhere. An online movie, special anniver-sary collection and family selfie competition outshine any cake with candles. Three decades of helping kids all over the world to tell the time merit major cele-bration. It’s time to give the gift of time.

  • A Trip to London Press Kit

    It’s time for double-decker buses, black cabs and all things British with the Trip to London Collection by Flik Flak. Inspired by the home of Greenwich Mean Time, all of these Swiss made watches for kids are committed to precision and reliability. Quality materials and construction make them a great choice for little majesties on time-critical missions involving anything from skateboards to mini-manicures. Look out Big Ben – you have some serious competition!

  • Color Block Press Kit

    Four new timepieces by Flik Flak master the art of casually looking super smart. Duos of bold colors create striking designs to build the perfect bridge between looking grown-up and big-time fun. Color-coded timekeeping ticks the education box and the Swiss made label takes durability and safety under its wing. These watches offer excellent value, so it’s tempting to put more than one member of the family on the wish list.

  • A day at the Beach Press Kit

    The latest Flik Flak collection has days at the beach permanently on the agenda. These colorful Swiss watches for kids are ready for sandcastles and surfboards, real and imagined.  Magical dolphins that glow in the dark and bright purple seashells are at hand to make daily adventures something to write home about. The sun has got his hat on – and his watch!

  • Tell the time App Press Kit

    A new app to teach kids all over the world to tell the time is the latest brainchild of Flik Flak. Available free of charge as an Android or iOS app, “Telling the time with Flik and Flak” takes a games-style approach to learning in 5 languages.

  • Funny Hours Press Kit

    The sky’s the limit in the wonderful world of the Flik Funny Hours Collection 2016. Fun and learning to tell the time are on an adventure agenda that runs round the clock. From lollipop rain to savvy style statements, it’s time for Swiss precision to propel the imagination into orbit. These watches for kids tell and inspire stories. A happy ending is always on the horizon with tough, safe materials and resistance levels to handle the rollercoaster of crazy times.