Telling the Time with Flik & Flak

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What time is it? Discover the fun world of hours and minutes. Together with Flik & Flak, find out how easy it is to tell time. This app was developed in co-operation with teachers and educators to playfully teach children how to read time. Step by step, they learn how to read the numbers, hours and minutes as well as how to tell the time.

Key Features

Developed with educatorsStep-by-step guidance with progressing difficultyCustomizable app contentEasy to understand instructions and voiceoversPrintable certificate to motivate your childAvailable for both phones and tablets

Step by Step
Learning Chapters

Flik Flak Methodology

Flik Flak is the world's favorite children's watch. Since 1987, Flik Flak creates Swiss made watches for kids that help them to learn to tell the time with a fun and entertaining concept.
The world famous Flik & Flak Hands

Designed for younger kids, all Flik Flak Story Time watches have the world famous Flik and Flak hands.

Designs that make sense

All Flik Flak watches, even those for older kids, follow a color-coded design language that intuitively helps differentiate between minutes and hours.

Easy to read dials

Flik Flak watches have clearly readable dials with strong color contrasts. All hours and five-minute steps are written out, the minutes in between are marked by small dots.

Practice makes perfect

Every Flik Flak comes with a fun little paper game that allows parents and caregivers to explain and practice learning to tell the time with children.