Flik Flak guarantees unique quality

Quality controls

Flik Flak watches are tested to the highest quality performance standards to ensure total safety before final use. Before being launched on the market, each new Flik Flak product line has to pass a considerable period of time of stringent ratification tests inside specific quality control laboratories. Initially, each watch component (the strap and accessories included) undergoes a wide range of chemical and mechanical analysis, targeted to ensure its quality. The mechanical tests tend to observe and measure the resistance of the timepieces under the “toughest living conditions”, in other words… for “active child’s play”!

Quality means no exception

No Flik Flak product is ever launched without having successfully passed the homologation tests. There are no exceptions to this rule if one of the fundamental tests is unsuccessful, the product line is considered “non- conform” and will not be put on the market until quality standards are completely satisfied. In fact, the product can only be launched on the market when all the homologation results are positive.