A world of quality

All Flik Flak kids’ watches start their life with a month of strict tests in a dedicated quality control laboratory. Each watch component, including the strap and any accessories, is checked to ensure it is 100% safe for wear. A series of mechanical tests then verifies that the finished watch can handle future adventures on the wrists of kids at play. That's the reason why all Flik Flak watches have a 2 years warranty.

  • Shock resistant

    The "Swiss made" watch movement is safely housed in a strong plastic case and hidden behind a polishable, protective plastic face.

  • Made in Switzerland

    Every Flik Flak watch for kids is Swiss made and gets the highest marks for quality, right down to the precise quartz movement that makes it tick. It’s never too early to be on time!

  • Water-resistant

    Flik Flak watches are water resistant up to 3 bars, so no excuses for avoiding a shower! Kids can of course swim and splash about in water!

  • Machine washable

    When kids come in from playing outside their clothes usually hit the washing machine – so can their Flik Flak watches with textile strap. Flik Flak is the only kid watch that can survive a normal 40°C cycle. Just pop the ones with textile strap in a sock and its ready to go. And just as with your other washing, remember to separate whites from coloureds to keep the rainbows in their place…