The story of Flik and Flak

Flik and Flak have very different hobbies and likes, but have one thing in common: they find seconds, minutes and hours incredibly exciting. With Flik and Flak you will discover just how easy it is to tell the time.

Two that always move with the times

Flik and Flak

Flik and Flak are siblings. Flik is the big brother with very long legs and Flak is the clever little sister. Both of them love watches but, most of all, they love helping others to tell the time correctly. They are inseparable, and together they are simply unbeatable.

Flik and Flak


The big brother with cool hobbies

As Flik is a typical big brother, he likes playing football and snowboarding. He grooves to hip hop music, reads detective stories, gobbles pizza, and loves dogs, elephants and action movies with wild car chases. His favourite colours are blue and white.

The big brother Flik


The little sister who likes it colourful

Flak loves ponies, and fairytales where unicorns and little bears exist. She knows all the latest pop songs, and cartoons are her favourite thing to watch on TV. As she likes going round and round, she enjoys ballet; she also enjoys tennis and skating. If it was up to her, it would rain spaghetti at 12:30 every day and snow ice cream at 1:00pm. Her favourite colours are red, pink and yellow.

The small sister Flik

Reliable and always on time

Flik and Flak are a real dream team!

With his long legs, Flik has the job of showing the minutes. He takes a step forward every 60 seconds. After he has been round the whole watch face once, an hour has passed. Then it's Flak's turn: she jumps forward to show the next full hour. Flik doesn't mind that Flak is always read first. After all, he has good manners: "ladies first!", he says.

The minutes for Flik and the hours for Flak

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