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Sport watches – learning to tell the time the cool way

Learning the concept of time can be a long drawn-out process for children, but it’s a lot easier thanks to the trendy designs and innovative time-teaching techniques of Flik Flak sport watches.

Aim for the best with top-quality Flik Flak sport watches

Sports players always aim to win, and wearers of these sport watches will always get the best result in terms of quality. The Swiss-made quartz movement means that children will never be late with one of these watches on their wrists. Nor will they be able to easily damage their sport watches, as they all have a robust aluminum case and scratch-resistant mineral glass face. As if that is not enough high quality, the Flik Flak watches are water-resistant, machine-washable and also shock-resistant, in case they get hit in the middle of some live sport!

Be a champion by wearing incredible sport watches

The sport watches offered by Flik Flak will prepare children for any challenge, including, of course, learning how to tell the time. This essential, yet sometimes difficult, task of teaching children the concept of time is made easier and much more enjoyable with these sport watches. The color coordination of the hands with the numbers, along with the Flik and Flak sibling hands, helps to simplify the process for any child aged 3 upwards. All that is left to do is choose between motorbikes, planes, and racing cars and discover the exciting adventures that they will bring!