Each age has its own personality!

A question of age! Flik Flak has 3 dedicated product lines, each one targeted to a different moment of your kid’s youth to meet the expectations of children from 3 to 10 years old.

Flik Flak Cute-Size

From 3 years

For younger kids aged from 3 years old, these watches are perfect for teaching them about the concept of time, with the Flik and Flak characters shown on the dial hands.

Flik Flak Preschool

From 5 years

For children aged from 5 years old, these watches have the “classic” dial hands without the Flik and Flak characters which makes these models appear “older”, but, like every Flik Flak, the color matching concept of the numbers is still present.

Flik Flak Full-Size

From 7 years

These watches are perfect for children from 7 years old onwards. The design is no longer “baby-ish” but more “grown-up” in order to make these kids feel like they are wearing a real “adult” watch.

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