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Swiss made, of course!

Wearing a real Swiss watch is something special but with Flik Flak, children as well as adults can feel privileged.

Flik Flak watches are manufactured with extensive experience in the Flik Flak workshops located within the plants of ETA-Switzerland (one of the Swatch Group’s biggest watch manufacturing companies).

Each Flik Flak watch bears the ETA production name written both on the back of the watch and also on the lower part of dial itself (SWISS © ETA). The Flik Flak logo is on the back of each Flik Flak timepiece and the major Swiss made values are confirmed by the colorful and resistant plastic cases, polishable plastic glass, shock and water resistant quality.  

Quartz precision

Each Flik Flak watch contains a SWISS MADE (ETA) quartz movement which assures the precision of the timepiece. With Flik Flak on your wrist,being on time is never in doubt!

Quality has no limits!

The watch went in the washing machine? Not a problem for a Flik Flak!

machine washable

Flik Flak follows children everywhere in life – even when this means getting dirty sometimes, like their clothes. To get them all clean again, you put the kids in a warm bath and the clothes in the washing machine… and the Flik Flak watch? That can go in the machine too!

Flik Flak is the only watch that can be washed with clothes in the washing machine at 40°C. How? Put the watch in a sock and add it to your normal 40°C wash!

Note: as you separate your whites from your coloured clothes – just do the same with the Flik Flak watch. Flik Flak is machine-washable provided, if it has not been damaged and has been checked for water resistance after battery change.

Shock resistant

The watch movement is assembled inside a strong and shiny plastic case enclosed behind a polishable plastic glass face which protects the watch. The engineered design holds the movement securely inside the watch case, making Flik Flak resistant against active child’s play, and so shock resistant.


Taking a shower, splashing and swimming in the water won’t harm Flik Flak. The watches are totally water resistant.