What is Flik Flak?

Flik Flak, the Swiss watch for kids, has been ticking since 1987. Based on a time teaching concept developed with the help of pedagogues and psychologists, these specially designed watches make it easy for kids to tell the time.

How can a child learn the concept of time with Flik Flak?

Flik and Flak are the names of the two hands of the Flik Flak watches. They are the main actors in a training concept that enables kids from the age of three onwards to understand a clock's dial. Flik, the brother of Flak, runs as the blue minute hand around the clock once an hour and points to the blue minute-numbers. Flak, in her red dress, wanders at the same time from one red hour-number to the next. Flik Flak watches are especially designed in order to facilitate the reading of time.

How do I choose a watch for a kid?

Because of the constantly changing world of a child, Flik Flak watches appeal to kids of three main age groups.

From 3 years old : Cute-Size. Watches of this collection are for kids who for the first time are wearing a watch on their wrist.

From 5 years old : Preschool. These watches are for kids who are learning how to tell the time. The colourful and cheerful Flik Flak watches make this learning process a fun experience.

From 7 years old : Full-Size - Kids who are already in school are full of activities that keep them very busy. Flik Flak Full-Size is a collection of trendy watches that lets kids keep track of time in a fashionable way.

Will Flik Flak outlast my child's daily adventures?

Flik Flak is a Swiss quality watch that has a polishable plastic glass, an resistant and colorful plastic case and a robust and adjustable strap that can certainly survive all of your kid's activities. Flik Flak watches are water-resistant up to 3 bars and the ones with textile strap can even be machine-washed at 40°C, preferably tied inside a sock.

Where can I buy a Flik Flak?

Flak Flak watches are available at Swatch stores and many retailers worldwide. You can vist the store locator for a complete list of retailers near you!

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